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INT Hospital is a full Hospital facility, equipped with state of the art technologies The operating rooms and patient areas are modern, sophisticated & sparkling clean. Doctors and nurses will give you the best care and attention 24 hours a day INTs main priority is to offer you surgeries within the highest quality and safety levels We have the best Surgery Standards in Mexico … all in a relaxing and comforting environment.

Intensive care unit is fully equipped including on-staff doctors that evaluate every patient before and after surgery. The Hospital is located in Tijuana, Mexico just a 20 minute drive from the San Diego Airport and home Offering the best quality in bariatric and plastic surgery, with experience of 20 years. We are a medical facility in Tijuana that is accredited, certified and backed by healthcare organizations such as The National Health Council in Mexico.


INT offers
  1. 24 hour specialized care
  2. Comfort and the best treatment in your room
  3. High quality in service
  4. Intensive Care Unit
  5. Fully equipped OR
  6. Privacy and cleanliness


Medical Tourism

INT Hospital offers safe and affordable bariatric and plastic surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. Mexico are the number one destination for American and Canadian citizens seeking inexpensive and effective Plastic and weight loss surgery in Mexico.

Here in Mexico you could save more than 50% of your surgical procedure’s expenses, not to mention that the waiting times for scheduling appointments for surgical procedures are minimal, and the proximity to North America allows you to get back home in a short period of time. No wonder why so many foreigners choose our destination for their medical procedures.

Mexico on a annual bases receives an average of 40,000 to 80,000 US & Canadians patients a year for health care procedures alone. Surgery in Mexico can be just as safe as surgery in the United States or canada.

Having bariatric surgery in Tijuana is not less safe because of cleanliness, quality of care or unsafe place, Our surgeons have the best preparation with all the certifications required to practice in their profession, Mexico is a safe place where the tourist is respected and receive the best treatment in the most comfortable and safe environments.

All Inclusive Service

Ground transportation to and from the San Diego airport

Lindbergh Field–‐Diego Airport

Please remember that travel requires a valid passport

When you exit the plane you will head directly to the baggage claim area. Once you have your baggage – You will connect with your driver at the location agreed upon in the phone call prior to your leaving.

Please make sure you book your arrive before 12 noon to be able to have surgery on the same day. Arrange For departure no earlier than 12 noon to have enough time to cross the border.

After your surgery we send you to a hotel to rest one day and recover from your surgery, the hospital and Hotel is on a Convenient location, safe locality, close to restaurants, hotels, and tourist district